Stingy, Stellar & Superior Bulls

by Yusuf Gadlin

The Chicago Bulls opens up the 2014 NBA playoffs against the Washington Wizard.This 1st-round match up will provide an explosive offense from the wizards standpoint. But this matchup will also feature a stingy, stellar and superior defense from the Bulls.

I have the Bulls winning in six games due to the fact that they eventually contain all-star point guard John Wall. Two-year shooting guard Bradley Beal wont make enough jump shots in what will be his playoff debut.

My key player to watch for in Game 1 for the Chicago Bulls is Taj Gibson.  I feel this a golden opportunity for Taj to set the tone for the Bulls playoff push.  And to the rest of the Eastern conference on notice that you better bring your A game if you wanna have a shot at knocking the bulls out of the post season.

I feel a dominate 20-point and 10-rebound effort will serve as that notice.

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