The Latest Bull…

by Yusuf Gadlin
Carmelo Anthony will be opting out of his contract making him a free agent for the first time in his 11-year career making him a highly sought after free agent. Carmelo made his intentions known at the very beginning of the basketball season shocking ownership and some of his teammates.
Before a single second was played for the New York this season, Carmelo told  fans in an interview  after a practice something that made their stomach cringe:  Not only did he tell them he would test the open market but  that he always wanted to see what it felt like to be wanted  by the league’s other 29 teams.  to put the cherry on top he would listen to a handful of teams that would potentially give him the chance to win that elusive champion ring Carmelo so desperately wants.
Well Carmelo….
Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls wants you, and quite frankly you should want them too. The Knicks just put the finishing touches on a horrible season, finishing below 500 and shockingly not qualifying for the post-season for the first time since 2010. And what stings New Yorkers most you ask? This was supposed to be the year that the Knicks went to the conference finals and dethrone the two-time defending champions Miami Heat. That didn’t happen and if you ask some of the Knicks fan faithfuls this has been one the worst season in franchise history.
The Chicago Bulls on the other hand are headed to the playoffs as a top four team in the Eastern Conference, something I personally didn’t see happening  after Bulls superstar Derrick Rose went down for a second year in a row with another knee injury and after beloved all-star Loul Deng was traded this year at the deadline–a move that had Bulls fan thinking the organization was on the verge of another rebuilding effort.
During the season there was a report by ESPN’s Chris Broussard that Bulls  center Joakim Noah tried recruiting Melo during the all-star weekend–a report that the two players down played as they respectably didn’t want to cause a distraction to their team in the mist of a playoff push.
The Bulls kept winning and Noah gained national attention as a possible MVP candidate; even earning speculation that the 7-foot center could possibly earn a First tTeam all NBA selection. Not bad for a guy coming into the league viewed as only a hustle player and nothing more.
Meanwhile, Carmelo kept losing, growing more and more frustrated with his team’s selfish play  This was compounded by the fact that the Knicks were poorly coached this year by soon-to-be fired Mike Woodson. If you paid attention to the club this year it seemed every other day poor Coach  Woodson was rumored to fired after the Knicks suffered defeats at the hands of horrible teams this year.
For the first time in his career, Carmelo will be watching the playoffs from home, something that surely won’t sit well with him, seeing how the Knicks were supposed to be playing for championship this post season. This New York team has essentially taken a major step and now the organization is in shambles with no first-round draft picks and what is said to be one of the most talented drafts in a long time, a team full of bloated contracts that even the league worst GM even wouldn’t trade for. And did I mention this team will need a coach soon, creating a coaching vacancy for a organization that has proceed with caution written all over it.
However, the Knicks did pull off a masterful chess move this year by luring former Bulls Coach Phil Jackson out of retirement and making him president of  basketball operations. This gave Knicks  fans around the world hope that a championship  could be coming to the Big Apple in the future.
But what future are we talking about? 2015? That’s the year Lebron could possibly come to the Knicks almost assuring  fans multiple championships immediately  But what if he doesn’t and he spurns them like he did in 2010 then what? Phil would try to convince other stars to come play with Melo by selling them on the fact that they could win championships soon depending on the development of young stars such as Iman Shurmpert and Tim Hardaway, Jr.–not to mention Phil has to find players that fit into his beloved triangle offense and ones that has produced championships for  the greats likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
But here is the problem: Carmelo is not viewed great like the above mention players. He is known as much for his scoring as he is for his poor defense-something Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is an expert.
Carmelo is at a cross roads.  He is in the back-end of his prime.  He is in his golden years. He doesn’t have time to wait on Phil’s four-year plan. Carmelo has said that winning a championship will ultimately be the deciding factor as to where he lands this summer.
That answer is Chicago.
CA Bulls
Carmelo come to a team that is missing one link, a team that all it needs is a crunch time player in the 4th quarter. The Chicago Bulls are pre-made for you and the elite scoring you posses.We have defense, enough defense for two whole NBA teams. All we need is your scoring Melo. Please don’t let another NBA star capitalize on a golden opportunity  that you pass up and steal those elusive championship rings.
I know you will make  the best decision for you and your family. and choose the road that gives you the best chance at winning a championship
….So with that being said i would  like to say “Welcome to Chicago”

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