Wizards, Headed to Broom Closet

By Yusuf Gadlin

It’s all up to Joakim, now.

The Chicago Bulls lost Game 2 at the United Center Tuesday night 101 to 99 in overtime, leaving Bulls fans stunned and engaging in unholy talk of a sweep at the hands of the Washington Wizards. But before we pull out our dustpans, let’s take a look at what’s going down?

This was a heart breaker as Kirk Hinrich missed two huge clutch free throws with 2.1 seconds left in the game. The Bulls were led by D. J. Augustin who had career playoff high 25 points and 7 assists, and getting a brilliant performance from power forward Taj Gibson who had 22 points and a monster 10 rebounds.
Bulls not enough
It wasn’t enough.

Wizards up-and-coming star Bradley Beal led with 26 points. Power forward Nene Hilario had six huge points in overtime bringing him to 17 points total, and John Wall was simply sensational having an all-around game of  16 points, seven assists and five rebounds. The Bulls have their work cut out for them and only the Bulls faithful believe they can turn this thing around as the scene shifts to Washington for Games 3 and Game 4. Is that a sweeping sound I hear or was that just the noise from some Jordan’s running down court?

The way I see it the Bulls have to find a way to close these games out, they have given up double digits leads in both 4th quarters in Game1 and Game 2. Don’t give me “we need Derrick Rose,” nonsense or “Jimmy Butler is playing too many minutes.” Don’t tell me “Mike Dunleavy should be on the floor in over time with his excellent 3 point shooting!” Hell, don’t even tell me that “we can use Jimmer Fredette and unleash jimmer mania on the Wizards.”

Jimmer Fredette

This is the playoffs and we must execute down the stretch. At least that’s what Tom Thibodeau would say. We have more than enough to win; no disrespect to Derrick.

The floor is yours Joakim. Can you handle the pressure?

My key player for Game 3 is Joakim Noah. Big time moments calls for big time players: Joakim the floor is yours.

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