by Yusuf Gadlin


 Photo: Steve Lundy, AP

Photo: Steve Lundy, AP

And, they’re outta here……. The Chicago Bulls lost Tuesday night at the United Center ending their season in a shocking 1st round series lost to the Washington Wizards.

There will be no score today as it hurts to be a Bulls fan today. There will be no key players for next season (though a certain player comes to mind). There will only a reflection on the Bulls tumultuous season.

Yes they loss to Washington Wizards in a embarrassing five games but the Wizards proved to be a formidable opponent; and the NBA will be put on notice just how good these guys are as they appear poise for a deep playoff run.

The bottom line: The Bulls organization will have to open the check book and bring In certified players who put the ball in the basket.  Bulls Superstar Derrick Rose’s health is almost the single most important ordeal this off season. Rose will play for Team USA this summer putting his body up against the best players in the world.  From that showcase Bulls fans and the organization will see if Rose still is the answer for that championship or a role player forcing the origination to rebuild and find a new face for the franchise.

Joakim Noah led this team this year.  He is the definition of heart. But he will be 30 next year.  He only has a handful of great seasons left in his tank. Bulls forward Taj Gibson isn’t going anywhere any time soon as he proved to be just as valuable as Rose and Noah. Jimmy Butler needs to get himself a top of line shooting coach as his jump shot must find a way to be consistent and not sporadic as the case this season.

And finally,  Coach Tom Thibodeau must integrate an offense, and I’m sure he will, pending the origination must make moves.He also must make some adjustments, such as players minutes and stretching his rotation from 7 to possible 9 ( again pending on the organization must make moves).

Over all the Bulls maxed out their potential with the pieces they had this year. They played with heart and passion–and I commend them for that. They never gave up and they fought to the very end Tuesday night in a losing effort.

It’s all up to the Bulls organization now.  Let’s see how they do in the front office  playoffs, hopefully they won’t go home early.

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