The Game Got Beef?

Chicago’s very own rapper Lil Durk has beef with YMCMB  member Tyga. and it all started when Durk mentioned Tyga’s baby mother in one of his unreleased records that features Chris Brown. Tyga asked Durk to take the line out of his song. Durk agreed, only if Tyga agreed to collab with him in a song.  As a result Lil Durk switched his lines but Tyga never followed through with his promise of a collaboration.

Then it happened.

The hottest song in the streets is called “Chiraq”  made by YMCMB affiliate Niki Minaj that features another up-and-coming Chicago artist Lil Herbie.

Lil Durk dropped a remix version of the song  dissing Tyga , saying Tyga has no stripes (street credibility),  applying that he could rob Tyga on site, and then went as far even saying he would kill the man! 

Tyga responded with his own version of Chriaq , but  with a surprise: 34-year-old rapper The Game made a guest appearance and just went ham on the track, with many saying he has just dropped the best verse of 2014. The Game said some things that made eyebrows raise: like he is more Chicago then “Mr. Chicago” himself Kanye West.  The Game also implied that if Lil Durk kept talking shit that Durk would be bagging groceries by the end of the summer. His lyrics basically said Durk is a no-name entity and that his music sucks to put it lightly.

Let me make this clear:  In no way shape or form do I condone violence but somebody needs to address The Game and let him know you can’t say things about Chicago you know nothing about.  So I’m going to need somebody from Chicago to come to Lil Durk’s defense and put The Game over grown ass to shame. The Game should be worried about his  rocky relationship with Reality T.V. star personality Tiffany on the VH1 show “Marrying The Game” where she constantly begs the childish rapper on every episode to grow up and get his priorities in order.  And judging by how he jumped into this rap beef amongst children,  in my eyes Jayceon has some serious growing up to do!

But one thing is  for sure, Chicago is not going to take this remix lying down!  Expect things to get heated in the coming weeks as Chicago artists will surely sound off on The Game. Oh wait… shots fired. Check out LEP Bogus Boyz’s response: 

My advice: Please no violence! And, just keep it lyrical the way rap beef should be. ~ Yusuf

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