THE RIGHT CHOICE: Patrick Ewing best choice as next Knicks head coach

by Yusuf Gadlin


The choice for the next New York Knicks head coach is a pretty obvious one to me. No it is not Mark Jackson, as deserving as he is, but rightfully none other then Patrick Aloysus Ewing.

If Phil Jackson wants to make a bold, unpredictable, and have the city of New York buzzing move, I cant think of a better candidate.

Former New York Knicks Legend Patrick Ewing is the all-time leading scorer in franchise’s history. He is also an 11-time NBA all-star wearing the Knicks jersey across his chest. He also received the highest of honors for any player which was having his famous number 33 jersey retired in the Madison Square Gardens rafters.

And, unlike newly hired Golden State Warriors head coach, former player Steve Kerr , Patrick Ewing has coaching experience. He worked as an assistant for three different teams from 2002 through 2012 and is currently an assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats.

Patrick Ewing has paid his dues. It is time he has been rewarded for his dedication to coaching. This is the perfect fit for the New York Knicks. It gives Ewing the chance to deliver that championship to New York he never got as a player often running up against Michael Jordan’s Bulls coached by non other than current Knicks President Phil Jackson.

And We all know how Phil Jackson has this Zen like Ora that produces Championships for hungry individuals capable of digging deep with-in themselves.

Patrick Ewing is hungry and I’m pretty sure he would be anxious to learn Phil’s triangle offense that beat him for many years as a Knick.

I hope Phil sees this opportunity, because the writing is all over the wall.

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