Who You Got: Mama’s Boy or Mamba Blood?

by Yusuf Gadlin @ YusufonSports.com

Who is better Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook?

While the causal NBA fan will quickly say Kevin Durant, there are those great basketball minds that might beg to differ.  I consider myself one of those great minds and because of what I have witnessed from these two great superstars I’ve come to my conclusion as who is the better of the two.

My choice is Russell Westbrook due to the fire, passion, toughness and willpower this guy plays with every time he takes the court. His drive is unparalleled to any superstar in today’s game except LeBron James.

You will never question Russell’s effort.  You will never see him fold under pressure. The aggression of which he plays with is fascinating and remarkable.

We know that Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players ever.  He tweeted March 6 2013 that Russell Westbrook has mamba blood running through his veins.  Again the causal fan will say “Huh??? Mamba blood?? What the hell is that?”  But for those who dissect the game and with great basketball minds we know a player’s personality or genetic makeup (or player NBA DNA as I call it) having Kobe Bryant in your basketball DNA is the ultimate trait.

To sum it up quickly: mamba blood means you have the ability to destroy your opponent leaving them begging for mercy.  It means you believe you are the greatest, the most high of confidence in yourself, and, you will stop at nothing to prove you are the best.  Mamba blood means you’re the unquestioned leader; the head Alpha Dog; and,  last but not least, the you possess ultimate mental toughness.

Don’t get me wrong I love Kevin Durant.  He is the 2014 MVP for a reason. But you can’t ignore those traits Russell possesses.  It’s the stuff champions are made of.  Let’s be honest, we always question Durant’s aggressiveness and his ability to assert himself.


Do you ever hear that about Westbrook? Durant is going to go down as the greatest scorer in NBA history but without Russell Westbrook he will never be a champion playing for the OK Thunder.  The traits or NBA DNA that runs through Russell Westbrook will be the deciding factor if the Thunder is to hoist the championship trophy in June.

I GUARANTEE you Russell Westbrook will be Finals MVP.


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