Lance Stephenson: Exit Indiana Now

by Yusuf Gadlin


Lance Stephenson should get the hell out of Indiana and with a quickness.

I’ve never seen teammates distance themselves from a individual like this before in my lifetime. If Lance Stephenson is guilty of anything, he is guilty of having a heart of a lion, a winning by any means necessary attitude, and just being plain misunderstood.

I’m reading quotes from Pacers franchise player Paul George and they make me sick to my stomach. Whenever George was asked by reporters about Stephenson comments or defensive tactics regarding Heat superstar Lebron James, George seemed scared and always downplayed Lance’s comments.  He even went as far to warn Stephenson to watch his mouth when it came to Lebron and the Heat.


Do you guys remember the ESPN 30-for-30 documentary on the Bad Boys of the NBA the Detroit Pistons? In the documentary Isaiah Thomas talks about rallying behind misunderstood Dennis Rodman and protecting him on and off the court.

Detroit Pistons

Thomas also provided Rodman with guidance while letting Dennis be Dennis. You never heard those Bad Boys throw Rodman under the bus when it came to defending Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in the late 1980s early ‘90s. Hell, they needed every drop of crazy Rodman had to fend of the young Bulls.

The Pistons fed off Rodman’s energy and they never once asked him to ‘please tone it down.’  This was a united team and their attitude was like that of former pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson–“Just Bring It.”

The Indiana Pacers want nothing to do with Lance Stephenson. Pacers President and NBA hall of famer Larry Bird had a private meeting with Stephenson before Game 6 against the Heat and asked him to stop harassing James and just play basketball. Maybe the Boston Bird saw Stephenson play and was forced to remember how former Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer once terrorized him and so he had stop Stephenson in his tracks.

But what I do know is this: Lance is a bad boy and needs leadership and if I’m his agent, the free agent to be will be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers next year where he can thrive in the Metta World Peace role a defensive Pit Bull and team enforcer. And, most importantly Lance can be all the crazy he wants just ask Metta!

Kobe Bryant can serve as Lance’s mentor and teach him how to conduct himself as a professional and also how to reek more havoc on the opponent’s best player. This is a match made in heaven and I hope this happens for young Stephenson because clearly his Pacers teammates don’t want him any more.

Lance Stephenson, Kobe Bryant

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