Miami Brings the Heat; King James the MJ of our time

by Yusuf Gadlin

The Miami Heat blazed into the NBA finals once again with a 117 -92 victory over the crumbling Indiana Pacers Friday night. This marks the fourth straight year the Heat will be playing for The NBA championship.

The Heat are trying to win their third championship in a row and cement there legacy as one of the greatest team ever. The Heat will either Face the San Antonio spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder.

Miami has already beaten these teams in previous two NBA Finals, most notably The San Antonio Spurs in last year action packed series. That saw a Ray Allen Dagger 3 in Game 6 to save LeBron’s legacy and break Spurs fans hearts around the world. The Spurs are on a mission to avenge that loss as they were six seconds away from winning a franchise 5th NBA Championship. T

The Oklahoma City Thunder were a young team when they met the Heat in the 2012 Finals. The Thunder won the first game of the series and then Miami proceeded to win the next four games and secured LeBron’s first NBA championship.

The loss left Thunder superstar Kevin Durant in tears as he was seen weeping in his mother arms after Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals.

Are the Thunders all grown up now? We won’t know until we see who rises from the Heavyweight battle they are engaged in with the Spurs for the Western Conference Crown.

So The Heat wait to see their opponent; knowing they have what it takes to beat either opponent.  There is no doubt in my mind that both Western Conference teams are better then their previous bouts with the Heat. But are they great enough to stop the juggernauts known as The Miami Heat and more importantly can they stop the Michael Jordan of our time, Mr. LeBron James.


One thought on “Miami Brings the Heat; King James the MJ of our time

  1. There will never be another MJ, “just saying”

    Sent from my iPhone ”positive thoughts brings positive results”


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