LeBron’s Cramp Game

By Yusuf Gadlin


Let the debate begin.

Miami Heat Super Star LeBron James sat out the final 7:32 of Game1 when he came down with a severe case of cramps.

LeBron suffered the injury because the arena he was playing in suddenly had issues with its air conditioning, temperatures reached upwards of 90 degrees and fans could be seen fanning themselves due to heat exhaustion.

LeBron asked to come out of the game multiple times leaving the onus on Dwayne Wade to try to carry the Heat to a victory.  It didn’t happen.    The Heat were obliterated in the final seven minutes and as a result the Twitter world blew a gasket and began questioning LeBron’s toughness by comparing his injury to that of Michael Jordan famous “Flu Game.”  They also compared his injury to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant who suffered a torn Achilles yet still managed to hit two free throws then had season ending surgery.

My take is this: If you can’t play you can’t play.

Only LeBron knows his body and if I’m a coach and hear my star player saying things like “I can’t breath” or demanding water like LeBron was doing Thursday night then he has every right sit out for precautionary reason. And besides its only Game 1.

I say that because the Heat are 5-0 when losing Game 1 of any series during the big three era. Remember every player is different; every player can’t play on a severely sprained ankle like Detroit Piston superstar Isaiah Thomas did against the Lakers. Every player can’t play with the flu like the great Michael Jordan. Everybody’s pain tolerance is different. LeBron just happened to reach his Thursday night.


2 thoughts on “LeBron’s Cramp Game

  1. Still, should have drank some Gatorade and played the game out, I’m just saying …..

    Sent from my iPhone ”positive thoughts brings positive results”


  2. Cramps are nothing like the flu. While the flu is very difficult to play through, cramps can be impossible if the leg just locks up.

    I’m not the biggest LeBron fan, but the flack he’s gotten from not playing through cramps is ridiculous.

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