The Knicks Hire Derek Fisher

By Yusuf Gadlin

The New York Knicks held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to announce their new head coach. That Man is Derek Fisher a former five-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. During that span he was coached by current Knicks President the Zen Master Phil Jackson.

This hire is a surprise to me seeing how there are so many coaches paying there dues and starving for an opportunity. But Phil Jackson sees him as qualified and that’s all that matters.

Knicks fan should be happy about hire, though I thought it would have been a smart and nostalgic move to hire former New York superstar Patrick Ewing. In Fisher your 2014-2015  New York Knicks will be a strict, no non-sense, hard-working and scrappy kinda of team. And, you definitely can kiss J.R. Smith’s knuckle headedness goodbye because Fisher will not tolerate it. And to top it off, Fisher  will be able to motivate a Knicks roster and instill the belief that they can win any game and in any situation.

Finally, Derek Fisher will command the respect of every Knicks player on next years roster. This means players will buy into what fisher is selling and most importantly. He should be able to get next year’s roster to sacrifice their egos for the greater good of the team.  Sounds like the total package to me.

Derek Fisher is the second player in consecutive years to get hired as a head coach as soon as they retired. The current Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd was the first player to be hired as soon as his playing days were over.

Kidd did a fair job in my eye getting the Nets to the second round of the playoffs before losing to the powerful Miami Heat in five games.  But Kidd didn’t have the “Zen Master” by his side and that’s what makes Fisher’s hire intriguing. Phil Jackson’s grooming of Fisher should bold well for the Knicks.

With Fisher’s intensity and his special ability to soak up knowledge from the great Phil Jackson, I personally see great things in the Knicks future with or without Carmelo Anthony.


2 thoughts on “The Knicks Hire Derek Fisher

  1. I don’t know why he would command the respect of every player in the locker room from the standpoint of coaching. If he were coming in to be a point guard I would agree.

    With that being said, Phil Jackson is probably going to make him into a hell of a coach so it’ll probably be good in the end

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