He Got Game: Kawhi Leonard

By Yusuf Gadlin

The San Antonio spurs took a 2-1 edge in Game 3 of the NBA Finals 111-92. The Spurs got a brilliant game by second year forward Kawhi Leonard. Leonard was amazing dropping a career high of 29 points on a sensational 10-13 shooting. The Miami Heat was led by both LeBron James and Dwayne Wade who both had 22 points apiece.

But it wasn’t enough.

The Spurs opened up the game by hitting 18 of their first 20 shots. I mean, you would think Coach Greg Popovich was playing NBA2K the way the Spurs looked.

San Antonio was so hot they broke a NBA Finals record shooting 70 percent for one half. Miami once again played lackadaisical defense, and it cost them another loss, leaving the Spurs two wins shy of capturing the NBA championship. LeBron and company had better respond Thursday night and resist the urge to play lazy defense and come out flat. Playing with a lack of passion is simply inexcusable for the defending champions looking to repeat.

But let’s give credit where it’s due.

The San Antonio Spurs are hungry. The way they moved the ball last night left me in awe. I mean it was simply amazing the way they carved up Miami defense from start to finish. Spurs superstar Tony Parker was met with praise by his coach when he came out of the game late in the 4th quarter. Coach Pop simply told him great game and way to control the game. Tony Parker nodded his head and said he just trusted his teammates.

Keep trusting Tony! Because if Boris Diaw keeps passing and Danny Greene keeps playing like an all-star, and Kawhi keeps playing like the torch is now and his hand, I have no doubt the Spurs will be the 2014 NBA champions.

One thought on “He Got Game: Kawhi Leonard

  1. Very good game last, well written synopsis , if the Heat want this, they need to bring their A game every night, because the spurs are not going to just hand it over!

    Sent from my iPhone ”positive thoughts brings positive results”


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