Hey Miami, Pride Goeth Before the Fall

By Yusuf Gadlin

The San Antonio Spurs destroyed the Miami Heat 107-86 in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs once again executed their game plan, getting every shot they wanted when they wanted it. Miami was led by LeBron James who had 28 points and eight rebounds.

King James tried to put the Heat on his back in the third quarter, coming out red hot scoring 10 points in the first three minutes. But it was too little too late.

The Spurs annihilated the Heat getting a total team contribution up and down their roster. Kawhi Leonard continued to leave his fingerprints on this series with 20 points and 14 rebounds. Boris Diaw nearly netted a triple double with nine points, eight rebounds and eight assists. Tony parker had 19 points and Australian-born Patty Mills scored 14 points as he was left open for three after three after three.

Through four games San Antonio looks hungrier. Their crisp ball movement and unselfish play has them one win away from hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The Spurs are in control of the series as Game 5 heads back to their arena where they prepare to deliver the knockout blow.

Miami on the other hand looks flat out tired, gassed, and as crazy as this might sound, they also look uninterested and ready to surrender the title without an ounce of resistance.

Dwayne Wade was horrible last night. At one point he was 1/11 for the game. Yet last night, Wade looked tired and old and in dire need of knee treatment. Chris Bosh was horrible also. He was unable guard Boris Diaw letting Tim Duncan use and abuse him and he also shot 5/11 from the field for a measly 12 points. Mario Chalmers…Forget it

No franchise in NBA history has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. If there was a team to do it the Miami Heat would be that team. They had better get their act together soon or the San Antonio Spurs will not only win the championship they will have also beaten, destroyed, tormented and stripped a defending champion of its pride in a way we have ever seen.


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