D Wade: Bad Knees or Bad Conditioning

By Yusuf Gadlin

You know I’m growing rather irritated with these so-called sports journalists. Take for example Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade. Sports journalist has been ripping Wade for his lackluster performance in the 2014 NBA Finals where he averaged a career low 15.2 points. And to some degree Wade deserves back lash for letting his teammates down. But to blame his knees and age for his terrible performance in this year finals is ludicrous.


Last year Wade against these same San Antonio Spurs averaged 22.8 points all while letting reporters know he was doing this on one leg or playing with a badly injured knee. The result of those finals were Wade winning his third championship and leaving us with a memorable Game 5 performance in San Antonio where he single-handily won that game for the Miami Heat.

How soon they forget.

Fast forward to this year. Wade missed 28 games during the regular season to preserve his body for the grind known as the NBA Playoffs. During Game 5 against the Indiana Pacers LeBron James and Dwayne Wade out-scored the whole Pacers starters 22-20 in the fourth quarter and went on to win that game and eventually the series. After that game a happy LeBron and Wade fielded questions on how synchronize and how dominate there play was in that 4th quarter.

So what happened against the Spurs?

Simple. He ran out of gas. Anybody that dissects basketball clearly saw an exhausted D Wade in Game 4 of the finals he was sweating profusely and just looked ready to throw in the towel. So instead of saying Wade is old or his bad knees are to blame how about saying the true cause: Dwayne Wade fell victim to poor conditioning.

During those 28 games off Wade was supposed to getting into tip-top condition but judging by his Instagram photos its clear he was eating whatever he wanted while using those days as a vacation. Maybe he was simply relying on the fact that he is Dwayne Wade who averaged 34.7 points in the 2006 NBA Finals. And, some consider me the second greatest two-guard to ever play the game. And besides look what I did in Game 5 last year. Surly when LeBron needs me most I will be there.

It never Happened.

Wade made the mistake of thinking he could coast on his greatness and pull those great moments out of hats. But he didn’t count on his body letting him down and he damn sure didn’t think he would average a career low in points.

So how can Pat Riley know Wade will still play a major role in Miami? It’s because Riley knows poor conditioning is to blame and it is a very easy problem to fix. I looked forward to Wade rebounding from a this humbling situation. This entire saga can be boiled down to this phrase I believe in “you get out what you put in.

Let’s see if Wade still have the hunger to be one of the game’s elite or has he grown comfortable with his legacy and feels he has nothing to prove. Something tells me D Wade will come back with a chip on his shoulder ready to remind the world just who the hell he is.

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