Get Well Soon Amber

by Yusuf Gadliin

This is a very troubling story that takes place on the campus of Texas Tech University. Apparently a freshmen football player by the name of Nigel Bethel II can’t handle getting his ass kicked in a game of basketball by a woman, so much so, he was driven to punching senior guard and also star player Amber Battle in the nose. As a result Amber will require surgery and will lose valuable time to hone her skills this summer.

Amber Battle led the Red Raiders in scoring (16.4) and also in points and rebounds.  As for the weak Nigel Bethel, he was dismissed from the football team as Texas Tech has a zero tolerance for this type behavior.

And what makes this story worse Bethel was highly recruited and was Texas Tech highly recruited incoming freshmen. Bethel was also suppose to participate in track and field but it is unknown if he will be granted that opportunity after his cowardly behavior.

I hope Nigel Bethel learns from this mistake, as he is only a kid. As he matures he’ll have to learn the importance of self-control. Striking a Woman is very unacceptable even if she has broken your ankles and finished with a lay up.

Nigel Bethel must use this incident as a learning tool, and hopefully he is afforded the opportunity to chase his goals and dreams.

Get well soon Amber Battle! I wish you a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health for this upcoming season.


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