What The Buck?

by Yusuf Gadlin

Reports have surfaced that Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd has been granted permission to speak with the Milwaukee Bucks about being their next head coach.

The problem here is Bucks General Manager John Hammond was unaware that ownership was looking for a coaching up grade.  But there’s more.  It is believed that Jason Kidd wanted more power with the Brooklyn Nets, in terms of player personnel, and basically wanted to be a general manager. The Brooklyn Nets denied Kidd and as a result he called his good friend and now part owner of the up-and-coming Milwaukee Bucks Marc Larsy.

Kidd somehow convinced Larsy on the idea of him running his organization and coaching at the same time. This now puts Larsy in a bad spot as he must now choose between hiring his friend who just finished a 44-38 season as Brooklyn’s head coach or fire current GM John Hammond and current Bucks head coach Larry Drew. Both just signed fresh three-year deals this past summer.

At first learning of this story I was enraged–I mean Jason Kidd has only 94 games coaching experience compared to Bucks Coach Larry Drew’s 412 games.  Then I looked at Drew’s win percentage of .458 for a career record of 143-169. Not very good if your going to fight for your job against a name like Jason Kidd who has half of ownership on his side. In the long run this might be a good move for the Bucks as it gives Kidd a true chance to show what he can do with a young team that just drafted the very talented Jabari Parker with the Number 2 selection this past NBA Draft.


As opposed to a team full of aging veterans that is almost the same age as him.  I feel for coach Larry Drew as he will likely be black balled out of Milwaukee.  But these new owners have to make money and with the way they are trying to rebuild the Milwaukee Bucks franchise the names of Jason Kidd and Jabari Parker will only help them recoup the serious money they are investing in the city of Milwaukee.

While I don’t totally agree with this possible move, I understand the nature of the business, and this with out a doubt is a business move.


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