The Replacements: D Rose Helps Recruit ‘Melo

by Yusuf Gadlin

As I expected, Derrick Rose swallowed his pride and attended the United Center where he tried to persuade superstar free agent Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Chicago Bulls.

It was reported Derrick Rose was not “all in” with bulls management trying to land the prized free agent simply saying “its not my job.”   Hopefully that was Derrick’s way of trying to send reporters off, and also an attempt to keep the Bulls true recruitment pitch under wraps. As Carmelo Anthony arrived at the United Center with huge banners of him wearing a bulls uniform one could only wonder if Derrick Rose really wanted the outgoing New York Knick.

I mean sure, Derrick’s camp has made it known to Carmelo’s camp that Derrick would welcome ‘Melo with open arms.  But what was he supposed to say?   Derrick Rose believes in his heart of hearts he is the only piece the Chicago Bulls need to win the NBA Championship. He probably feels that if Carmelo comes to Chicago people will some how forget that he was once the hopes and prayers of the Chicago Bulls when they drafted him in 2008.

Derrick Rose wants to win the NBA championship for his hometown Bulls, but he doesn’t want to be seen as a role player or a guy taking a back seat to another superstar to show him how its done. Especially in D Rose’s back yard. So maybe secretly Derrick is hoping Plan A falls through and the Bulls strike out and Carmelo’s signs elsewhere.

Then what? Derrick Rose now knows the plan will be to retool the Bulls’ roster around him and Joakim Noah. He knows all eyes will be on him as he tries to regain his form from injury and reestablish himself as the game second best only behind LeBron James, in my opinion. I’m not implying Derrick Rose is a selfish player. All I’m saying is he has the greatest of self-belief in himself. I mean this is the same guy in 2011 who said “Why can’t I be the best player in the NBA;” and, followed those statements with a Most Valuable Player Award, the Youngest in League history.

If Derrick was healthy these past three years who knows what type of accolades he would have accumulated by now. Maybe this past season was the year the Bulls broke through past a vulnerable Miami Heat team and made a finals appearance for first time since 1997. I believe Derrick Rose would genuinely welcome Carmelo Anthony to Chicago. But if ‘Melo left and took his talents elsewhere, I believe Derrick Rose would be just fine with that too, for it is that supreme self belief in himself that knows the Chicago Bulls only need him to reach the promise land.

One thought on “The Replacements: D Rose Helps Recruit ‘Melo

  1. That was on point, the need a player like Melo to add to the roster, I think rose would welcome the badly needed help to make this squad a all around team to beat whoever will be dominate in the east coast

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