Kobe Bryant’s Final Act

By Yusuf Gadlin


What does Kobe Bryant have in store for us this year? How will he respond from a knee injury that reduced him to six games last year? Is Kobe bean Bryant washed up? These are just a few question fans and haters have for Mr. Bryant this upcoming season.

The NBA has suffered from Kobe’s absence–from pulling up for three; to yelling at a teammate who fumbled a pass; and, that beautiful fade away shot that nobody in the NBA can do.

Kobe Bryant is entering what many believe is his final two years in the NBA. His Lakers team as presently constructed will be lucky to make the playoffs in the toughest Western Conference in league history. So with that being said and the possibility of winning that sixth  championship ring all but gone does Kobe even have that burning desire to win?

Of course he does.


Everybody knows the Lakers stink and the Lakers’ nation is depressed.  We all expected Kobe Bryant to have a championship team this upcoming season and the fact is he doesn’t   this team reminds me of that Lakers 2006 team headlined by Smush Parker, Chris Mihm, Brian Cook, Aaron Mckie, Luke Walton and fan favorite Stanislav Medvedenko.

Ok I’m joking about the fan favorite part. But Lakers fans should expect nothing more from this 2014-2015 Los Angeles team than what the 2005-06 Lakers accomplished nothing more then a 1st round exit.  And with Kobe Bryant knowing this, I expect to see the most aggressive Bryant I have ever seen.

While this team will lose on most nights, Kobe Bryant will be putting up crazy numbers. I’m talking 37, 45, 48, and yes an occasional 50 points will be scored from Bryant this year. And while his team gets obliterated most nights, Kobe will not be at fault as he will remind the world why he was given a 2yr/48M contract.

Yes he will ball hog. Yes he will yell at the rookie Jason Randell for not going up strong in the paint. Yes he will get technical fouls for yelling at the referee in Italian. Yes fans and haters this might be Kobe Bryant’s final two years in the NBA.

But I’m willing to bet because Kobe has to spend his final years in the cellar of the Western Conference–with a 0 percent chance of winning a sixth title that he uses that and a culmination of other questions directed at his knees and his game–that Bryant raises hell on the court and once again reminds the world of his greatness and destroys anybody that thinks they have chance (because of age and injury) to guard the second greatest player ever to play basketball.


Even though it might not result in Kobe hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy and tying the greatest ever Michael Jordan for championship wins I still can’t wait for Kobe’s final act.


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