Lakers Land Byron Scott


by Yusuf Gadlin@

The Los Angeles Lakers now have a head coach. The Lakers offered Byron Scott (a former Laker) a 4yr/17mil contract making him the man with a huge target on his back in case the Lakers fail next season.

As a true Lakers’ fan, looking at Scott’s record doesn’t make me happy.

Byron Scott has a career coaching record of 416 -937 for a bogus win percentage of 44 percent. Scott has also had some pretty bad experiences as head coach as a former coach of the New Orleans Hornets. In 2008, the Hornets tied a post season record for suffering the worst lost by a margin of 58 points, and if you speed up time to 2010 as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers Scott and his young roster endured a 26-game losing streak.

So there are many negative blemishes on the former number four NBA draft pick in the 1983. But there are a few bright spots also: Scott chosen as Coach of the Year in 2008 while leading the New Orleans Hornets.

He was also chosen to coach the Western Conference All-Stars that same year. Then if we travel back in time, for the last time, Scott guided the New Jersey Nets to back-to-back NBA Finals appearance; but unfortunately he came up empty-handed both times when trying to capture that Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Now in 2014 Byron Scott takes over a Laker team that’s in desperate need of a leader and a coach whom players can relate to. This team has young talent on it; and I do believe Byron Scott has a knack for getting the most out of players such as Nick Young, Wesley Johnson, rookie Julius Randel, and then there is the outcast Xavier Henry. So L.A. did great in that department. Scott will undoubtedly get those youngsters to produce for this critical upcoming season.

Last but certainly not least, Byron Scott has the respect of Laker legend Kobe Bryant something former coaches Mike Brown and Mike Danton didn’t have. So Kobe should be on board with any Scott line up or any adjustment Byron sees fit, sparring him of the famous “Kobe Death Stare” (Fingers crossed).


Byron Scott is a three-time champion winning rings with the Lakers in ’85 ’86 ’88. He also served as Kobe Bryant’s mentor when Kobe was just a young pup searching to make a mark in the league. So get ready Los Angeles Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant both have something to prove and with that Laker blood running in their blood line this upcoming season should be about pride and reestablishing the Los Angeles from pretender to contender in the Wild, Wild Western Conference.

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