Love to the Cavs

By Yusuf Gadlin


It is now official. Kevin Love is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let that sink in.

Cleveland traded away Number 1 pick Andrew Wiggins and last year’s Number 1 pick Anthony Bennett with a future 1st round pick to Minnesota for the superstar known as Kevin Love.

The long drawn-out soap opera is finally over. Cleveland now has their third wheel consisting of Kyrie Irving, the great Lebron James and Mr. Love himself—this should be some very entertaining basketball in Cleveland this year.

A lot of spectators, scouts, general manager’s and owners will have the Cavaliers as this year’s NBA Finals participant representing the Eastern Conference. Not so fast! The Chicago Bulls will have al to to say about that, depending on a healthy Derrick Rose.

While Cleveland is very talented at putting the ball in the basket, I find it difficult to believe them playing enough of a defense to stop a Bulls offensive that will be built on cohesion and familiarity.

My hypothesis is that Cleveland will try to out score any and every body. Are they capable of that?? Absolutely, Kevin Love provides three-point shooting and is a rebounding demon, Kyrie Irving with his silky smooth handles, as well as his ability to get hot and light any arena on fire, should be entertaining to watch. Then we have the best player in the world Lebron James, who has slimmed down about ten pounds to become quicker and faster and possibly extended his career with his new diet. Something tells me Cleveland is going to be a up tempo team that plays little defense. The objective will be to outscore the opponent and win the rebounding battle.

My only question is how will Kevin Love fair when things get real and he is finally exposed to playoff basketball for the first time in his career? I can see Lebron James rolling his eyes in disgust after Kevin Love fails to show up for a key playoff game. Only time will tell how this blockbuster move pans out for Cleveland. I think I speak for the entire city of Cleveland when I say the result is hopefully a championship ring.

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