by Yusuf Gadlin


Paul George tried to block a lay up attempt. What happened next just makes my stomach turn in knots and quite honestly I don’t think I could ever watch that replay again.

Paul George landed awkwardly causing his leg to hit the support stand that many believe is to close to the court anyway. And his leg snapped like a twig, leaving everyone in that Las Vegas arena and at home ,who had simply wanted to watch basketball brightest stars compete for a roster spot for Team USA, shocked and speechless.

As Paul George lay on the ground in pain that would of have surly had me rolling on the ground in tears screaming for my mother, the W=whole Team USA roster gathered together and prayed for their fallen teammate. Team USA leader Mike Krzyzewski, rightfully so, called a end to the scrimmage sending players to the locker room completely shocked and wondering why this would happen to their brother.

A leg fracture for Paul George, leads to an entire NBA season missed for the star player and months and months of rehab. This is the price paid for the Indiana Pacers superstar.


The Indiana Pacers will now struggle in this season; coaches and players will either rally around this situation and play their hearts out for their fallen star or they will likely fall apart next season as the massive void left by Paul George will be unable to be filled. We will surely see what the Pacers are made of this year. They will now be the 2012 Chicago Bulls, a team searching for answers after their star player (Derrick Rose) went down with a ugly ACL Tear, fortunately for the Bulls they had a coach that would not let Rose’s injury be a excuse for poor play.

Coach Thibs wouldn’t allow the rest of the Bulls players to wallow in self pity because their championship aspirations went up in smoke as soon as it was announced D-Rose would miss the entire season that year. He called them “High Character Guys” a phrase Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau loves to use.

We will see if the Pacers has those type of players this year, and certainly Pacer President Larry Bird will be watching with a hawk eye to see which players accept this challenge to get better individually and which players don’t give maximum effort and simply pack the season in as a lost cause. Those players definitely won’t be on the roster wherever Paul George makes his return to NBA competition.

This is a very unfortunate event for Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. I wish him a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health; but the only question that’s runs through my head and probably Paul Georges’ too, is why?


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