Thank You, Jesus!

by YusufGadlin Miami Heat Media Day Thirty-nine-year-old Ray Allen has informed those close to him that he will return to the NBA for a 19th season.

This is a great thing for NBA fans around the world who have come to love Ray Allen’s signature corner three-pointers. The only mystery now, is what team the NBA all-time career leader in three- pointers will suit up for next season.

Many believe Allen will join his good friend LeBron James in Cleveland to provide those clutch threes in the 4th quarter of close games. But Allen seems to be weighing his options as to what contender he will provide with his services.

For me personally it doesn’t matter where the two-time NBA champion signs, all I really wanna do is yell RAY RAY!! every time Allen sets his feet and prepares to launch that classic quick release jump shot that has broken many opponents hearts over Allen’s playing career.

If Ray Allen doesn’t sign with the favorite Cleveland Cavaliers I can see him joining teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls or the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not so sure on the Mavericks signing; but the Bulls and Thunder could use Allen as a crunch time performer and a mentor for younger players on their respective roster.

Bottom line: For true NBA fans it will be pure joy having the future hall of famer around for one more season. Catching and shooting threes, running off screens to get open for that jumper and getting a rare display of emotion from sinking a big time shot are just a few reason why Ray Allen is one of my all-time favorite players.

And now that its has been announced that he will grace the hardwood for one more season all i can say is “Thank you, Jesus!”

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