Andrew Wants To Be A T’Wolf

by Yusuf Gadlin


The 2014 number one  overall pick Andrew Wiggins is upset, a little bitter and rightfully so. When he learned LeBron James was returning to Cleveland, he initially thought LeBron would teach him the ropes, help elevate him to unthinkable levels he could not reach himself, and not to mention the countless fantasies of him finishing a alley-oop tossed by King James. And just like most fantasies they tend to be interrupted by reality.

The reality for Andrew Wiggins is that LeBron doesn’t want him.  In fact, since King James’ “I’m coming home letter” Wiggins hasn’t even had a conversation with LeBron, a fact made known by Andrew during a recent ESPN interview.

LeBron James is in “WIN NOW” mode, and he needs the necessary players around him to bring home that championship Cleveland has been starving for the last 50 years. The message LeBron sent to Wiggins is clear “You’re not good enough.” Can you imagine the pain, the embarrassment, and now all the bulletin board material Andrew Wiggins will have for the rest of his career.

Imagine the best person of your respective career  ignoring you intentionally; trying to find any way possible to exchange you for somebody that you feel doesn’t bring the intangibles you provide, or simply they just don’t believe in you. And all you want is to be trained, groomed by the best, and possibly show them you have more skills than anybody anticipated. I’m talking the type of skills that would make LeBron say “Remember we wanted to trade Wiggins for Kevin Love. Boy, I’m glad I didn’t pull that trigger. I would have regretted that one for life.”

But LeBron prematurely pulled that trigger; sending the future of Cleveland basketball to Minnesota for a player unproven in the playoffs, when basketball really matters. In Minnesota Andrew Wiggins will grow with another future star named Zach Lavine together they form the most athletic wings in the NBA. I’m talking Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady in Toronto athletics. They will lose a lot of games next year, and that won’t sit well with either Wiggins or Lavine. But that’s the price you pay being drafted or traded to Minnesota. The Charlotte Hornets traded Kobe Bryant away in the 96’ draft. Kobe has said on multiple occasions Charlotte management told him ” they had no use for him,” then traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers. We all know how the rest of the story turns out. Kobe Bryant became a five-time champion and arguably the second greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

With many saying Andrew Wiggins was the next LeBron or next Kobe Bryant, if that is true, then Andrew Wiggins has that burning desire to be the greatest and also he will develop that ruthless edge that Kobe Bryant plays with.

If Andrew Wiggins proves to be this type of player not only are the Days losing Minnesota basketball over, but Cleveland will have witnessed LeBron giving up on there future Kobe Bryant with no insurances of ever winning a championship with Kevin Love as Wiggins replacement. That is the Risk The Cleveland Cavaliers took. They believe Kevin Love is better and that Andrew Wiggins will never reach love’s Level of play either that or they had to satisfy LeBron James for fear of him leaving next season if his demands weren’t meant.


I usually have a feeling for great players, and the DNA needed to become one, and I have to say in about ten years the Cleveland Cavaliers’ will regret trading the future of the NBA.


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