I Have A Dream

by Yusuf Gadlin

What did Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. die for? So we as black people can buy Louie belts; dye the tip of our dreads; smoke loud packs; sip lean, pop mollies; recite Lil Wayne songs religiously, think of creative ways to degrade our women like THOTS and eat eat,; play with guns ,kill each other; refer to each others as OPP’s; sag our pants so people can see Ralph Lauren underwear; scream “GDK” OR “BDK.”

Really my brothers and sisters? Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not die for this nonsense.

This man marched for equal rights and equal education. I am witnessing all the hard work, all of the blood, sweat and countless tears being undone right before my very eyes.

Its very disgusting, Because we have come to far to end up like this. Put the blunts down; put the 30 down; put the fake Lean down; stop exposing yourself for likes on Facebook; and, stop tattooing your face so you can feel hard in the streets.










Are you really going to die for a block you don’t own? Are we really spending time to come up with the scariest neighborhood name such as ” Crashtown” “Killa Ward,” “Vulture City,” ” Death City,” “Madville,” “O’ Block,” “STL”, “6ward,” etc., etc.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not die for this madness. It’s time we stop pointing the finger at others and start pointing at ourselves individually. Yes life is hard! But nobody said it would be easy! Stop inhaling the smoke and drinking the poison tailored made for us.

Sadly this will only reach a few. I only hope this reaches a young mind unsure of what road to travel. I feel the only way to push my message is to quit my job and yell these instructions to your face.

Yes, this is that serious to me. I can no longer watch my young people walk around soulless; rapping silly lyrics about killing some one with a gun. Martin Luther king Jr. did not die in vain; and, the more I pray the more I feel I am the chosen one to finish the mission Dr. King was robbed of ever seeing.

I believe that mission is restoring our people, restoring faith in our households; restoring belief in young males that there our more options then jail or the streets; restoring are black women to being queens and to have self respect for themselves; restoring that education is the key to success and not flipping a bird or a brick; restoring the power of prayer in the Most High God and Jesus Christ. And the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream.


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