The Manimal


by Yusuf Gadlin
Twenty-four-year-old Kenneth Faried is putting the world on notice that he belongs with the world’s greatest basketball players. The former 22nd pick in the 2011 NBA draft has been the most dominate player for Team USA. thus far. He has played a total of five games,  and has totals of 63 points and 39 rebounds in a total of 111 minutes. Because the overseas game is shorter than the NBA game, the 111 minutes equates to two full NBA games and 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter of a third NBA game.

Basically Kenneth “Manimal” Faried is playing the best stretch of basketball of his young promising career. Playing for Team USA over the summer has launched some of today’s best basketball players career’s, most notable Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. Both players have captured most valuable players awards during  the NBA regular season, Rose in 2011 and Kevin Durant this past season. The two superstars seemed to have gained confidence in their skills and gained a sense of belonging from working with some of the game’s greatest coaches to hone their God-given skills.

What Faried brings to the table are a series of intangibles. He hustles more than your favorite basketball Player, He plays Harder then than your favorite Basketball player, and sorry to say he ‘s probably tougher than your favorite basketball player.

The baller’s God-given strength isn’t scoring from any where like Kevin Durant o blazing pass defenders like a piece of paper a la Derrick Rose, it’s rebounding.

Kenneth Faried is a beast on the boards and is my candidate to lead the NBA in rebounds this year and my pick to win the most improved player award. As far as winning that most valuable player award, New Orleans Pelicans forward and Faried’s Team USA teammate Anthony Davis might have something to say about that this up coming season.

When the FIBA world cup games are over, Faried will report back to the Denver Nuggets where he averaged 13 points and 8 rebounds  in 27 minutes last year. All three of those categories will see a major spike this year, and I believe Kenneth Faried will easily become a 20/10 player.

With a new found swag and some of the best coaches in the world reassuring Kenneth that he is one of the best basketball players in the world, look out NBA. The Manimal will be on the prowl harder then ever before this year, and that’s definitely not a good thing for your favorite basketball player.

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