The Return Part 3: Derrick’s Jumpshot

2010 FIBA World Championship - Day Two

by Yusuf Gadlin

After watching the past eight games from Team USA, part three of Derrick Rose’s return is defiantly  not about  his ability to finish around the basket with those mouth dropping lay ups. Part three is not about whether or not he is healthy enough to stay on the court for a full season. Part three is about DRose’s hideous jump shot. For eight games straight, the Chicago Bull has shot 27 percent from the field hitting only 15 of 55 shots.

Let that sink in.

Derrick Rose has told reporters that he has tweaked his jump shot and that we should not worry about his shooting struggles. In fact, he has boasted about how his new shooting form would be on display against Lithuania, only to shoot a pathetic 1-8 against them in Team USA semifinal game.

Are we still blaming rust?

The only positive I can take out of this whole situation is that Rose has a full training camp to look forward too. It is there where Derrick will find out the true problem with his jump shot. Could it be that he is jumping too high? Could it be that he is not jumping high enough? Or how about the FIBA basketball was too small and Rose didn’t make the proper adjustment?

Whatever the problem happens to be it is up to the Bulls coaching staff to see to it that on opening night the star player doesn’t show the world how to build a house with all the bricks he has been throwing up during Team USA FIBA World Cup play.


So while the rest of the world brushes Derrick Rose shooting struggles off as rust. I know that there is a real problem with his mechanics. And the Chicago Bulls can’t afford this problem to linger into this critical season filled with championship aspirations. So I’ll be waiting, and so will the rest of Bulls Nation for the return of Derrick Rose’s jump shot.

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