Rose to Irving : You Cant Guard Me

by Yusuf Gadlin
With the Chicago Bulls knowing the road to the NBA Finals goes through the Cleveland Cavaliers, Derrick Rose decided to send a message to the hottest young guard in the NBA, Kyrie Irving.The Bulls may have lost their preseason tilt to the Cavaliers 107-98, But that didn’t stop Rose from tormenting, embarrassing , and exercising some  basketball demons on young Kyrie Irving.
Derrick Rose repeatedly got to the basket at will, blowing past Kyrie Irving like a Ferrari blowing past a school bus on the highway prompting all the kids to say “did you see that?!”
Derrick Rose dropped 30 points in 24 minutes.But it was the most exciting 30 points scored by Rose in a long time. Rose shot five, three pointers and connected on four of them.  He also attempted 18 shots hitting 12 of them from the field. Crossover after crossover Rose reminded Kyrie just how dominant he is; and,  just how wrong the so called experts at ESPN were for ranking Rose the former MVP 28th best player in the NBA. If this game was the real deal Derrick Rose could have scored 60 points easily.
But it wasn’t.
The Chicago Bulls will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers for real on Halloween. The game will be played at the United Center and DRose will surely be handing out treats to all of the Cavaliers defenders that approach his door steps. The only card the Cavaliers have to try to trump Rose is LeBron James.
Eventually James will have the responsibility of guarding Rose, and  trying shut him down like he did in 2011  when LeBron was a member of the Miami Heat. LeBron contained a then 22 year old Rose in the conference finals a key defensive switch that help eliminate   the Bulls in five games. Since then Rose has been battling injuries, but in 2014 DRose  now looks healthy and is licking his chops at the thought of  ripping LeBron James to shreds in a potential playoff series in may 2015. Until the moment  arrives when King James is called upon to try to shut down Rose again, Derrick Rose will have to settle for shredding Kyrie Irving from  limb to limb.

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