More Bull Crap

By Yusuf Gadlin


Sorry ladies and gentlemen for the lack of writing but my world was turned upside down recently and the only way to solve this problem is to write, write, write! So without further or due here are some intriguing stories of the NBA season so far:

What is going on in the Windy City? Derrick Rose is on thin ice in Chicago. The Bulls are 6-9 in 15 games, Rose has played in half of those games because of injury problems. The controversial superstar recently had another set back with a tweak to his hamstring that cost him four games already this season. This comes in the aftermath of his comments of sitting out games because he is not “100%.”

At this point everything is mental with DRose. Every time he drives to the basket he’s thinking injury. Every time he makes a sudden shift on the court , or makes an attempt to soar for rebound he is imagining his basketball  career ending as soon as he lands on the hardwood. Things are really starting to boil over as Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau continues to urge DRose to play through the pain and knock off rust from his once perfect game. The only bright spots for The Chicago Bulls this season is that Pau Gasol is still a beast in the middle averaging 19 points and 10 rebounds this season. The dark side to this is Gasol might have to come to grips that it is he that must push the Bulls over the hump in the Eastern Conference. Can his 34-year-old body withstand that demand? Surely he did not come to Chicago thinking he would have to be a franchise player again and log heavy minutes because Derrick Rose can’t stay healthy.

The other bright spot in Chicago is Jimmy Freaking Butler:  Jimmy Butler has evolved into the second best shooting guard  in today’s game only behind Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson.  If Butler continues to play at this all-star level, ladies and gentlemen I give you a max contract player! And no I have not been drinking due to my recent struggles that life always seem to test and present us with.


Quick, give me two shooting guards in the NBA that you would rather have not naming Klay Thompson as one? Exactly—you can’t do it. Jimmy Butler already has all NBA Defense something that Splash Brother Klay does not have. And with the way Butler’s offensive game is growing it won’t be long before he is on the level of scoring as a Thompson.

Jimmy Butler is averaging 21.6 points on 50% shooting from the field. This guy is going to be a monster in year seven of his NBA of career. For every basketball fan please mark December 6 on your Bball calendar: This date is when the Chicago Bulls hosts the Golden state Warriors. This game should shed some light on just how good  and valuable Jimmy Butler is when he faces the “best” shooting guard in the game Klay Thompson. Oh yeah– and some guys named Derrick rose and Stephen Curry will be playing too. O

Ok, ok, ok, some guy might play named Derrick Rose. Happy?

NBA: Preseason-Atlanta Hawks at Chicago Bulls

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