Can Rondo Hang Out West?


By Yusuf Gadlin

When I look at the Western Conference of NBA all I can do is shake my head. This year’s Western Conference playoffs will be the most toughest and exciting in NBA history.

And now with 28-year-old point guard Rajon Rondo headed to the Dallas Mavericks, I feel like I’m dreaming.  Rondo vs Lillard. Rondo vs Curry. Rondo vs Conley. Rondo vs Parker. Rondo vs Westbrook. Rondo vs Paul—and a physical match up awaits with Patrick Beverly of the Houston Rockets. With so many intriguing and must see match ups only God knows who will prevail in the West.

What Does Rajon bring to the Mavericks?

Rondo brings toughness, heart, and his all-seeing eye to the Dallas Mavericks. Rajon is a supreme floor general who rivals Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul as to who can run a team better and get the best shot available every time down the floor. He brings pest like defense every night something like Memphis  point guard Mike Conley but on a higher level. He has equal toughness like Houston point guard Patrick Beverly.

Rajon Rondo can be as crafty as point guard Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs getting in the lane and causing sheer havoc on the opposition defense. And for those that say Rondo can’t score, I’ve seen him score 42 points in the playoffs against the Miami Heat in May of 2012.


Just imagine Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons better than he already is.  Imagine all the alley oops Tyson Chandler will now receive on  a nightly basis making him want to play defense at a more frenetic pace than he already does. Just imagine Rondo pick and roll with Dirk Nowitzki. Just imagine the pin point passes Monta Ellis will receive as he use his blazing speed to back cut defenders going to rim.

Rajon Rondo is basically a nightmare for all opposing guards in the Western Conference. But what Rajon must know is that  no team in the West fears him and all the possibilities he brings to the Mavericks. If you want to win in this conference Rondo you have take it from the defending champion Tony Parker  in San Antonio. You have to guide your team through the Smash Brothers of Memphis.  You have to one up your former coach in Doc Rivers who knows all your weaknesses in Los Angeles. You have to contain half of the splash in Oakland. You have to contain the young bull in Dame Lillard in Rip City. And maybe the most important match up you will encounter Rondo is with Russell Westbrook’s angry self.

Are you ready to play meaningful  basketball  again Rondo? And more importantly: Can you hang out West.

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