Leave your Ego off the Rocketship

by Yusuf  Gadlin

After happily receiving his pink slip from the pitiful Detroit Pistions,  29-year-old Josh Smith will be joining the  Houston Rockets. The misunderstood power forward will now play for the most talented team he has ever been on. The Rockets currently sit in fourth place in the highly competitive Western Conference with a record of 20-7.

Now Houston, we all are extremely optimistic when it comes to the versatile Josh Smith. We all know he takes ill advised 3-point attempts that make you want to go Mike Tyson in his prime on him. But if newly extended Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale can convince JSmooth to drop the three from his game and just focus on being a lock down defender (which he is fully capable of) then I believe this Rockets team is a virtual lock for a Western Conference finals birth.

That’s only if Kevin McHale is stone cold honest with the extremely athletic south paw and Smith’s’ ability to accept the ugly truth. Smith must leave his ego at the door and accept the fact he is a role player now. What bothers me is that Smith only came to Houston if he was promised a starting spot. What happens if he wants more shots? What happens when he has to split time with impressive young forward Terrance Jones? I hope Coach McHale knows what he doing with this  roster full of impressive talent in H-town . But one thing is a definite fac: If Josh Smith brings that enormous size ego aboard the soaring Rockets…

Then Houston we have problem.

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