Thibs Holds Keys to Everything

by Yusuf Gadlin

Its very clear now that the Chicago Bulls organization has the best team in the NBA. They have the best back court with Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, They also have the best trio in big men in Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. The Bulls bench, which consists of Aaron Brooks, Nikola Miortic, Etwan Moore, and Kirk Hinrich,  play in the perfectly designed system that allows them to flourish on game day.

The Bulls are rounding into form and the rest of the league better start preparing playoff strategy’s now to defend them come April. They have all the required pieces to host the golden ball for the first time since 1998. Only one man stands in their way.


That person is Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau. I believe he must manage Jimmy Butler’s minutes so he won’t become the next Loul Deng. I also believe he must remind himself to pull his starters out of games that are won so the risk of injury is not a factor this year. I feel now is the time “Coach Thibs” can take his foot off the gas pedal just a little bit, instead  of going the usual 120 miles per hour. I think going the speed limit will just do fine this year. Now is the time Tom Thibodeau must trust the players he has groomed and prepared for this moment.

So the only question left is whether or not Coach Thibs ready to lead this Bulls team to glory. To do so this year he will have to pull all the right strings.

One thought on “Thibs Holds Keys to Everything

  1. Well written and makes a valid point, he plays his starters to long even when they are up 10 with acoupje of minutes to go, he is putting them at a risk for injury and needs to take his foot off the gas pedal!

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