Where’s The Heart?

by Yusuf Gadlin

I can’t imagine the thoughts that are running through Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau’s head right now. His team is playing pathetic, having lost three of their last four games to garbage teams. Bulls Forward Pau Gasol said he saw championship DNA when he and his teammates were on a brief six-game winning streak.

What the hell happened?

The Bulls seem lazy and disinterested. They seem only to get up for the big games against top tier teams of the NBA–but I’m not buying that at all and neither should you. Could their struggles be because of missing glue guy Mike Dunlevy? Could it be that Jimmy Butler is now big headed because of rumors of a max deal coming his way? Or should we blame Derrick Rose and his atrocious shooting? Can we blame Joakim Noah for his flagrant absence of passion, heart, and will–something I thought I would never say.

Whatever the problem, the Bulls better fix it quick before the front office shakes this roster up with trades. ” You either in the circle or you’re out the circle,” an angry Thibodeau told reporters after another embarrassing home loss to the highly suspect Orlando Magic. Magic Center Nikola Vucevic  destroyed Pau Gasol with a vicious left handed dunk sending the 7-foot Spaniard tumbling to the ground in the third quarter. Vucevic was very impressive scoring 33 points and grabbing 11 rebounds.

I hope the Bulls haven’t forgot that defense wins championships; they have none at this point in the season and eyebrows are starting to raise. DRose continues  to get torched by opposing point guards. As good as Pau Gasol has been offensively he looks soft on defense. And if Washington Wizards Center Nene man handles Joakim Noah one more time I’m personally going to dedicate my next story to him, and I guarantee he won’t like it.

The Bulls face the Washington Wizards Wednesday Night in Chicago, I want to see energy, effort, chemistry, and a fire lit under them that we have not seen before this season. This is a statement game and a chance to right the ship for the now off course Chicago Bulls. They better bring more than a new hair cut, more than a rumored max contract, more than the name on the front of their jerseys, They better bring some heart.

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