Chicago To Nate: An Open Letter

Dear Nate,

Hopefully this letter reaches you in time before you make a decision on where you will play your next meaningful basketball. I don’t know the terms of which you left the Chicago Bulls, but I hope and pray that it was on great conditions.

This tuff, gritty,  and passionate city which you once took over needs you to suit up for its beloved Bulls again. The defense is gone, the toughness is fading and that all important “heart” seems to have evaporated. We are missing your fire, your nonstop energy and your ultimate warrior mentality. You are  without question the missing piece to the Chicago Bulls championship. The City of Chicago needs you to hold these group of guys accountable for there lackluster play of late. But more importantly the city needs your heart and passion to energize this struggling Bulls team. Again I don’t know your situation.  And I know your beautiful children come first. I hoping you can ask your agent to gauge the interest in the Bulls bringing you back to the city that loves you most. We need you Nate and hopefully the Bulls front office realize this too.

The heart you displayed in Game 4 against the Brooklyn Nets should have kept you in Chicago until you retired. I’m not sure the reason for your departure, but this is your home  away from home Nate. The City of Chicago needs you. Hopefully this letter reaches you in time and you will choose to see red for the playoffs this year.

Good luck and stay blessed up.




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