D Rose… Its Not Over

by Yusuf Gadlin
Derrick Rose’s career is not over. I repeat Derrick Rose’s career is not over.
Who died and made you prophet? Who gave you the right to speak such negativity and paint the picture of cartilaginous. Have you  heard of the supremely talented athletes known as Russell Westbrook and Adrian Peterson? Both athletes overcame surgeries to their knees, returned  to their respective sports and dominated  the competition. Adrian Peterson,the franchise player for the Minnesota Vikings plays in the NFL, a sport 10,000 times physical than the NBA. Peterson,30, tore his ACL on December 24,2011 and his career was proclaimed ” finished.”
How did Peterson respond? The prolific running back won the Most Valuable Player award the following year, proving anything is possible and you don’t have to fall victim to a devastating injury. Peterson returned  to his bruising style of play, when many “prophets” claimed he had to change his style and  therefore  would be less effective.  Let’s look at the dynamic Russell Westbrook. The 26-year-old NBA point guard had multiple operations on his knee for a torn lateral meniscus. Like Adrian Peterson, Westbrook’s style of play is predicated on aggression, playing 100-miles-per-hour and the most critical component he and  Peterson have in common “fearlessness.”
That is what Derrick Rose has to get back.
He can’t be scared to go 0 to 100 real quick.He can’t play timid on the court as he has displayed countless times this years. Rose can’t be scared to Jump,cut or run on his knees.Nothing is wrong with Derrick Rose. He simply has to lay it all out on the line as he has done his whole career. Rose must get back to his Reckless abandon ways that took a toll on his body throughout the years. It sounds crazy when you read this,but that’s what made Derrick Rose, Derrick Rose. That’s why Russell Westbrook will likely win the MVP this year. Westbrook was once told he had to change his style of play. He was once told he could not be that same extremely athletic transcendent talent that he is. Westbrook of course, will never hear or accept any of   these “prophet” like  forecast and ill spoken words. Westbrook has been  operated on and is now currently living in the  moment as the NBA’s best point guard “fearlessly.”
When (not if), Derrick Rose recaptures  his fearlessness I feel the injuries will stop. The battle is all mental from here on out. Rose doesn’t need friends to update him on the negative stories been spit out quickly in his Hometown of Chicago like someone eating the world’s nastiest prepared meal. Rose simply needs to live in the moment and get back to what earned him that 95 million dollar contract.There is absolutely no question the  Bulls organization has difficult decisions that lies ahead. But remaining loyal to an individual that has re energized the organization, donated millions of dollars to Chicago’s after school programs, paying funeral cost for unrelated Chicago teens and babies, and not to mention the youngest MVP in NBA history should be a easy decision. Get well soon Derrick Rose, I believe you can return to to your former self,as a matter of fact you already are.

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