The Forgotten Man


by Yusuf Gadlin


Kevin Love is struggling to fit in (or out) his new environment of Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been watching patiently and studying Cavaliers Head Coach David Blatt  on  how he has integrated Love’s skill set  to mesh with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

Thus far David Blatt has done a poor job.

The only advice I can give Kevin Love is to “stay ready.”: As the regular season prepares to go into labor and give birth to the playoffs, it is extremely important that Mr. Love understand things are about to drastically change.

Since Love has never been to the playoffs, it is important that his team captain LeBron James who has 158 games worth of post season experience urge Love to alter his mindset and frame of thinking. I believe Love has been focusing too much on regular season performance rather than the truth telling basketball he is about to play for the first time of his career. He has to realize that  the post season is the only thing that truly matters instead of regular season touches and stats lines.

Love must also realize that as much as Kyrie Irving has displayed offensive brilliance in the regular season it doesn’t mean it will necessarily translate to post season glory. Guys can go through cold streaks in the playoffs or get cold feet in their debut in the “The real season” as I like to call it.

Kevin Love LeBron James trade Cleveland Cavs

Your legacy is built in the playoffs. We as fans will get to see how players handle pressure and circumstances that the postseason presents. So Kevin Love please don’t fall victim  to worrying about meaningless regular season performances or teammates shining brightly right now. Trust and believe your number will be called, and the ball will be in your hands when it matters most.

Let’s see what you do then.

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