Punchers Chance


by Yusuf Gadlin

The Boston Celtics are about to be tested.

They will face the Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday for Game 1 of the NBA playoffs. Nobody believes the Celtics will win a game. Everybody believes Cleveland will sweep this young and gritty team. The Cavaliers boast a star-studded trio, but the Celtics have a team. The key word being “team.” I believe Cavalier point guard Kyrie Irving is about to be mobbed by the Celtics guards. Defensive minded Celtics Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart should harass Irving all series, throw in the explosive Isaiah Thomas and Cleveland really has a problem in the back court. I’m intrigued to see if Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk can hold his own with Cleveland’s Kevin Love. There’s  something about Olynyk that gives me the impression he’s going to have a coming out party in the playoffs.

Think about it.

Olynyk is tough, rugged, and can stretch the floor. The Celtics also have Brandon Bass to be as physical as he wants to be with Kevin Love. Love can’t handle physical play very well, as a result he might be what he has been all season, a 3 point shooter. I have the coaching edge going to the scientists like Celtics coach Brad Stevens. Stevens will instill faith in his players and have a very solid game plan every time these teams square off. There is no doubt execution is the key for the Celtics . Celtics gaurd Evan Turner has to match LeBron James production. Yea, never going to happen! But I can see Turner producing some light triple doubles in this series, basically running the C’s offense.

Jay Crowder is the X Factor for the Celtics. Crowder will see a lot of LeBron James, while most defenders would wilt under this type of pressure I believe Crowder can  make King James sweat a little bit. My final case for the C’s is Tyler Zeller. Yes, The 7-foot Tar Hell has to control the boards and be a force in the paint. We all can see LeBron dunking on him a few times this serie; but Zeller’s main goal is to match Cleveland’s big man Timothy Mozgov production. If Zeller can raise his level of play and the above mentioned factors take form then I believe we have a seven game series. In the end, I love this team heart and scrappiness. That’s why I’m giving them a punchers Chance.

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