You Boys Ready?

by Yusuf Gadlin
Cleveland, Ohio.
As LeBron James sits in deep thought meditating about another deep post season run, he opens his eyes and realizes where he is. There is no Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, or his former Coach Erick Spolesta. LeBron  begins to feel butterflies in his stomach, as he hypes up playoff new comers and teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.
He knows they have no idea  what challenge lies ahead.
The Cleveland Cavaliers  make their return to  post season basketball for the first time in four years. LeBron James was a member of that Cavs team back in 2010, that was dismantled by the same team they are facing now–the Boston Celtics.This time around King James has some help, and not  washed up , past their prime former all-stars.The only problem: His new found helping hands are inexperienced.  Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving has been licking his chops to get a taste of playoff basketball, Kevin Love will finally get his chance to fit out or in depending what King James demands of him. James knows what these kids don’t. Playoff basketball is about making adjustment on the fly and having  ability to adapt to any situation at any giving time.
Are they ready? LeBron thinks to himself as they prepare for battle.
The time is now to see if LeBron has taught his understudies well. Will LeBron have to do it himself, Cleveland head coach David Blatt hopes not. LeBron doesn’t want to look like he  made the wrong decision by abandoning the Miami Heat ship.The only way that happens if Kyrie and Love both play their asses off and bring Cleveland the championship they are starving for.

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