Creatively Imprisoned

by Yusuf Gadlin

When the Dallas Mavericks ultimately lose in the first round to the Houston Rockets, Dallas owner Mark Cuban will have nobody to blame but himself. Cuban could take the easy way out and blame his team struggles on  frustrated  Mavs point guard Rajon Rondo, or he can accept the fact he wrongfully sided with his head coach Rick Carlisle and agreeing to imprison Rondo therefore robbing him of his basketball creativity. Cuban failed to realize how greatly Rondo thrives with freedom and inexplicably underestimated the tension between Rajon Rondo and Rick Carlisle.

Cuban’s Mavericks find themselves down two games to none in a “Best of Seven” series. And depending on the friction between Rondo and Coach Carlisle, the Mavericks could be down a former all-star point guard for good. Rondo played less then 10 minutes in last night’s 99 -111 loss to the surging Houston Rockets. It was the least Rondo has ever played in a playoff game. Rondo not only lacked awareness but it seemed as if he quit on his teammates.  Rondo simply looked disengaged and ready to chuck the deuces and head towards free agency.

Can you blame him?

When Rajon Rondo became a member of the Dallas Mavericks back in mid-December, he thought he was getting a chance at another championship and the opportunity to run a high power offense the way he saw fit. The fact is Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle wasn’t going to allow Rondo the creative freedom to flourish tremendously. Rondo can still be great, but only in the coaching system that Carlisle expects all his players to abide by. Both Rondo and Carlisle have proven their stubbornness  with one another and I am baffled that these two great basketball minds can’t find common ground. Carlisle refusal to embrace Rondo’s freedom and change of pace has the Mavericks on the brink of elimination.

Rajon Rondo is a creative artist that let’s his imagination run wild producing masterpieces. When you strip him of his paint brushes, take away his variety of colors and drastically shrink his canvas this is the result you get.

A disinterested, uninspired, rebellious soul looking for a place that will encourage and embrace his creativity.

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