Curry Wins MVP! Can He Win The Ring?

by Yusuf Gadlin

When you look at Golden State “Most Valuable Player” Stephen Curry what is the first thing that comes to your mind: Is it his shooting form? Maybe his skinny, 6’3 frame with god-like ball handling skills? And for the ladies, is it his dreamy green eyes?
When I look at the newly crowned  NBA 2015 MVP, I see someone with a great work ethic and somebody that has mastered the art of three-point shooting. I used to say there was no way in hell Stephen Curry was a better shooter than three-point “Jesus” himself–Ray Allen. Then I saw Curry in Game 3 vs the New Orleans Pelicans  break down a competent defender in Pelicans forward Quincy Pondexter  with a quick behind the back dribble, stop on the dime and splashed a three right in Pondexter face. It was the most cold-blooded three-pointer I ever seen.
As illustrious  of a career that Ray Allen has had, he could never do what Curry does with the ball in his hand.
The new MVP  has now taken over the League as the game’s best player, doing so with mouth dropping crossovers (ask Chris Paul) and putting on shooting displays that we will never see again in the NBA on nightly basis. Curry has overcome severe ankle injuries that plagued his career early on to become the face of the National Basketball Association.
Curry is shooting a ridiculous 44% from three point range for his career; and, when you compare that to Ray Allen’s career average of 40% and you can debate all day as to who is the greatest shooter of all time. The one thing the Warrior is missng that Allen has is a championship ring and a signature career defining NBA finals three-pointer.

Ray Allen’s signature shot came in the 2013  NBA finals when he nailed a clutch three-pointer to save the Miami Heat season and force a Game 7.  Miami went on to win the championship that yea  only because of Ray Allen’s clutch gene. While Curry has the most “cold-blooded” three-pointer I ever seen, that Ray Allen three pointer is the “greatest” shot I have ever seen. In due time Curry will have plenty of those post season opportunity’s to deliver as Allen did.
As of now, Curry is the best player in the game that just won the 2015 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award. When you reach that prestigious  achievement in your career Curry, the next question people want to know is
Can you win a ring…?

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