LeBron Made His Move–Gasol’s Turn Next

The Chicago Bulls lost Game 2 ( 99-106) last night  in disappointing fashion to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls never competed until it was too late. Derrick Rose had an uninspired performance with 14pts on 6/20 shooting. Jimmy Butler had 18 pts on 5/14 shooting , and Pau Gasol stunt double poured in a sorry 11pts on 3/8 shooting. The Bulls fumbled a golden opportunity to display to the world they were serious title contenders. The Bulls now head home to the United Center,where they will try to rediscover their edge.

But enough about them, here’s the real story.

LeBron James dominated in ways I thought he could no longer do. James was a beast racking up 33 points on 29 shots. It was James’ aggression that was the difference in this game combined with his teammates hot shooting from the three point line. James may have implanted the “doubt seed” right back into the Bulls cerebellum. James’s running buddy Kyrie Irving had a smooth performance that consisted of 21pts on a impressive 5/9 shooting. But as smooth and reserved as Kyrie was last night, Kyrie most important deed came when he pleaded for King James to be assertive and aggressive before Wednesday game. Lebron granted his wish.

Bottom Line.

As this series progresses the pressure to perform under the bright lights will be highlighted. I really need Pau Gasol to save the Bulls in Game 3, seeing how he’s won multiple championships and has handled basketballs greatest pressures when it comes to elevating his level of play. The Bulls head home to the United Center for two critical playoff games. At this point in the season we should not be asking for energy, effort, and capturing the moment from this Chicago Bulls team. The Bulls were terrible in Game 2 and under any circumstances can they perform like that again or this series is over.

Paul Gasol must set the tone in Game 3 and I feel everybody else will follow suit. Gasol its time to show the world the greatness you possess by leading by example. You are the only one that can match or come close to Lebron greatness. I expect to see that level of play Friday. ` (Yusuf)

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