The Shot That Grew From Concrete

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by Yusuf Gadlin

Wake me up somebody. I have to be dreaming. Did the Chicago Bulls just take a 2-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers?
 The Chicago Bulls won Game 3 in dramatic fashion 99-96 at the United Center. The dramatics came by way of a Derrick Rose’s game-winning three pointer. This game went back and forth and came down to the wire, But in the end it was a Taj Gibson screen that was the difference in this game. The Bulls played with energy and passion–the two key components necessary to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bulls also got a huge lift from Jimmy Butler who had 20 points and played the best defense I ever seen on LeBron James. Butler was a physical presence all night long. He blocked James’ shot multiple times. He swiped the ball away on numerous occasions, Butler sent the message loud and clear ” I ain’t never scared.”
But it was Derrick Rose that stole the show.

All of the critics that said Derrick played better on two days of rest instead of one can respectfully shut the hell up.
Derrick Rose had 30 points, seven assist and seven rebounds, proving he is more than capable of performing at his old MVP levels.  With the game on the line, Dose caught the ball, dribbled twice to his right  and banked  a three pointer over Cleveland’s  6’8 Tristan Thomas as the game clock expired. Rose confidently strutted  towards the Bulls bench as he was mobbed by his overjoyed teammates. Lifted into the air by Taj Gibson, the Chicago native’s facial expression was stoned face. He looked as if he did nothing at all, but truthfully Derrick Rose did everything.This type of heroic  performance will be remembered  forever by Bulls fans, for it was not only the shot that grew from concrete it was also the type of shot that could put the Cleveland Cavaliers hopes of advancing past this round in critical condition.
Speaking of critical condition.
I am hoping that is not the condition of Pau Gasol injured Hamstring he suffered in the first quarter. Gasol will receive an MRI and his status for Sunday’s game is uncertain.What is certain, an all out effort from the LeBron led Cavaliers on Mothers Day.The time is now for the Bulls to display some killer instinct . Can the Bulls take a 3-1 edge? After last night anything is possible. The Bulls must come out with the same laser like focus and weather the Cleveland storm that will be heading their way. Cleveland is battling injuries and now is the time to deliver a devastating hay maker, the type of punch that was sorely  missing from the much anticipated Mayweather- Pacquaio fight.The Bulls are halfway home and from here on out every battle will be tougher than they ever imagined.

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