by Yusuf Gadlin

It was deja vu all over again at the United Center, only this time it was the Chicago Bulls on the receiving end of a crushing blow. LeBron James delivered a game winning three pointer as the time clock expired to defeat the Chicago Bulls 86-84.  James Countered Bulls Superstar Derrick Rose heroics the night before with a soul snatching buzzer beater that left Bulls fans gasping for air. King James willed his battered and bruised teammates to a game 4 victory and now this copycat series is knotted at two games a piece.

LeBron James is doing it all for the Cleveland Cavaliers including scratching plays being drawn up by their bone headed coach. It was James that dismissed Cavaliers Coach David Blatt. This was a  foolish idea for him to inbound the basketball with the game on the line. Another critical blunder by Blatt came when he stupidly called for a timeout forgetting his team didn’t have any left. Had Blatt been caught by the officials, The Bulls would have been granted a technical foul shot and probably won the game.

Damn you Tyron Lue:

Cleveland’s Assistant coach Tyron Lue also played a major part in saving the day by frantically pulling David Blatt to the side and negating any chance of a bulls victory. The Bulls now head to Cleveland for Game 5 which will probably be a nail bitter as well. I can’t believe the Bulls squandered a golden opportunity to take a 3-1 lead in this intoxicating series. Inability to score down the stretch mixed with the absence of Bulls Center Pau Gasol is the reason the Bulls lost this one. Bulls fans can point to the referees all they want, the fact is the Bulls have the superior team and should beat this watered down version of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Struggling this much makes you think if the Bulls  really had a chance if the Cavaliers were fully healthy. The Bulls electrifying backcourt of Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler can’t win this series on their own. They need help. Joakim Noah can’t hit a lay up to save his life but always brings his heart to the table and fights every night. Mike Dunleavy was hot as the sun shooting three pointers a series ago, Now with the pressure rising, Dunleavy cant buy a basket and is starting to develop butter fingers when his catches pressurized passes. Aaron Brooks hideous. Nickola Miortic is back to second guessing himself. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau has to settle his team complacency before its too late. I still have confidence in the Chicago Bulls prevailing in this series But if they lose another game the series and the Tom Thibodeau era is over. The Bulls have to win Game 5 and 6 to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers if they don’t this will be one of the biggest disappointments in Bulls franchise history. Yea, right up there with the dismantling of the dynasty Chicago Bulls.

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