Help Is On The Way

With Paul Gasol announcing that he will be available for battle in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the other four starting Chicago Bulls must be ready to play championship basketball. Gasol, a two time NBA champion,  signed with the Bulls this past summer because he believed they were capable of doing so. And with two critical playoff games missed, Gasol now knows this Bulls team fate rests solely on his shoulders.

I need Pau Gasol to summon his inner Laker!  And more importantly rip a page out his former Hall of Fame teammate Kobe Bryant’s book, and play effectively while injured. Bryant is universally  known for playing through pain and would have never missed these two monumental playoff games if he played for the Chicago Bulls. That’s not a knock or jab at Pau, however its simply fact. Another fact staring Gasol in the eyes, is the fact his aggressiveness has to be through the roof in order to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Gasol needs about 25 shot attempts rather than the 10 he is averaging for the series. In order for that to happen, Bulls guard Derrick Rose needs to run pick and roll with Gasol every chance he gets in the half court. Rose needs to be more of a facilitator and less of the guy trying recapture his MVP form.

Pau Gasol  can be the missing key that opens the door for the Chicago Bulls which would allow them to play in the conference finals for the first time since 2011.Before Game 6, I urge Pau Gasol to text or call  Kobe Bryant who is a five time champion that’s shares two of those titles with Gasol.


Because Greatness needs to remind Greatness how great they are.

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