I Smell A Rebuild

by Yusuf Gadlin

If you are a Bulls fan, I want you to take a deep breath before you continue reading. If you are a diehard Bulls fan, I advise that you take two.

With the inevitable  signing of new Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg, I want all Bulls fans to know that this is the unofficial rebuild of the Chicago Bulls. A rookie coach is about to be paid $25 million dollars to lead a supposed to be championship team. That’s more than the Bulls offered Tom Thibodeau back in 2010. Not to mention Thibodeau had nearly 20 years plus of assistant coaching experience. think about this. Golden state Warriors assistant coach Alvin Gentry who has head coaching experience in the NBA, Just got paid 13million dollars to coach the New Orleans pelicans and the future of the NBA Anothy Davis.

Man it helps to be buddy buddy with the front office of the Chicago Bulls.

Anyway, Hoiberg  should bring happiness and joy to the Chicago Bulls locker room apparently since Thibodeau sucked that life out of this team the last five years. With Derrick Rose contract set to expire in two years, do you really think the Bulls front office is going to sign  Rose to another Max deal? Rose, who is often injured, hasnt really grown into a leadership role, and in the past has taken shots at the organization for contemplating trading him while he still had trade value. We all remember the Rose press conference with the ” you can be a fool if you want to” mumbo jumbo as Rose was attempting another comeback from injury.  And if you think Rose is going to take some type of home town discount, your fooling yourself and Reggie Rose wouldn’t let his little brother agree to such a thing. I think its safe to say DRose will play out his final two years in Chicago, then find another place to call home.  Bulls fan should enjoy Rose’s final years in a Chicago Bulls uniform because they are most likely going to be his last. Second, My main Joakim Noah. I will never forget when Noah became the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls. It was 2009, in a triple overtime playoff game against the Boston Celtics. Then, a young Noah stole  a intended pass from Boston Celtic leader Paul Peirce. Noah dribbled the basketball damn near full court as fast as he could  and finished with a ferocious dunk over Pierce to foul him out of the game. But it was Noah yelling and screaming, Beating on his chest like an enraged gorilla that Bulls fans will always remember the most. If you ever want to know who and what Joakim Noah stands for, that play is the one that represents Noah as a Chicago Bull. Noah was rewarded with a 5 yr/ 60 million dollar extension for his heroics that year. This up coming season, Noah will be in the final year of his deal before becoming a unrestricted free agent.

Now the sad part.

If you wanted to make a case that Tom Thibodeau ran players into the around. Exhibit A would be Joakim Noah. Noah gave his heart and soul to Tom Thibodeau. Noah picked up the team emotionally when Derrick went down repeatedly with injuries. He improved his game via passing and also became defensive player of the year all under Thibodeau. Perhaps Noah biggest accomplishment was playing hurt, rather it was his surgically repaired knee or his constant battle with plantar faciitis all while adsorbing truck loads of minutes from Tom Thibodeau. In a way Noah had too, his was the newfound leader of this team and sitting out because of injury wasn’t a option. Noah is now 30, and is coming off a season where he was a shell of himself and has been manhandled in the playoffs the last two seasons by opposing power forwards or Centers. Noah has vowed to come back stronger next year, but it might not be enough to keep him with the Bulls long term seeing how health and minutes really has hurt his game. Again I ask you,  Do you think the Bulls front office is going to resign Noah to a borderline Max deal knowing how badly his game has regressed? Noah will definitely have to take a discount if he wants to stay with Bulls. It is severely unfortunate seeing how Noah has done beautiful work in my childhood community; Englewood, Chicago. In the end, The NBA is a business and this is the Chicago Bulls were talking about.

Finally, The star player of the rebuild : Jimmy Butler.

Make no mistake about it, the Chicago Bulls are going to match any deal Jimmy Butler receives this summer. Most likely a max deal, Jimmy Butler is worth every penny. But more importantly The Chicago Bulls can’t afford  to let Jimmy Butler slip away in free agency. With all of the energy drainage drama that is always usurping the bulls organization centered around  Derrick Rose and his health, and all of the nagging injuries taking a toll on a older Noah, the bulls would much rather let Rose and Noah go to keep the untapped full potential of Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is trying to break out into superstardom,(at least until he gets paid) he is undoubtedly the healthiest Chicago Bull and has the brightest future of any Bulls player currently on this Roster. To me, this is likely the last huge investment the Bulls front office makes in a long time. Think about it. Before Derrick Rose, who was the last Bull player to receive a Max contract?

I’m guessing Michael Jordan. Your turn.

As for the Bulls future; Tony Snell, Doug McDermott, and Nickola Miortic all figure to be part of the Bulls future. Jimmy Butler will have to learn to love these guys as all three will be viewed as the core going forward in the next three years. If Butler is smart, hopefully he accepts a contract with a opt out option just in case the Bulls front office don’t put the necessary players around Butler to truly contend in the future. This is the last question I promise, when is the last time this Bulls front office had a couple of pieces and chose to truly surround its core with great talent to try to win it all?

My Answer:

Since the Jordan Era ended in 1998. It wasn’t until Derrick Rose was drafted in 2008, but the surrounding effort came in 2010 with Tom Thibodeau and Paul Gasol in last year. So the last time the bulls front office tried to surround a talented player with talented pieces was 16 years ago. YIKES. The Bulls organization is notoriously cheap, they only put past their prime Allstars on their roster(Pau Gasol)(Ben Wallace)(Jalen Rose)(Antonio Davis) or just trash players to fill out its roster spots (Orthelo Harrington) (Michael Sweetney) (Eddie Robinson).

I just want the Bulls Organization to know, you might fool the younger fans into believing Fred Hoiberg is suppose to win us a championship. But you can’t fool us older fans with this madness that has to stop. But more importantly you can fool me, I know what’s going on

I smell a rebuild.

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