Pay Attention to Greatness

by Yusuf Gadlin

She was tired, she was sick, she was disoriented.Still, she was able to dig deep and reach for something extra that only a few great athletes can reach for. She was confused, she was shocked, she was baffled. Still, she was able to ascend to another level that she never knew existed inside of her. who is she?
Only the greatest female tennis player of all time: Serena Jameka Williams.
After Serena Williams defeated Timea Bacsinszky in a tennis match,one that Serena admitted she should of lost due to her illness. She gave a short but insightful post game interview.
“I really didn’t t feel like playing, because I’m so tired,” Williams said. My personally opinion:  It had to be her sickness talking. But during her tennis match, her sickness never spoke a word and never was a determining factor in the superstar athlete reaching the French Open final. Again Williams spoke, “I don’t think I ever been this sick, I’m amazed I won.” This was probably the first time in Serena career she didn’t realize how great she was, nor could she fathom the hidden power that lied inside of flu sicken body.
Watching this beautiful gritty performance was reminiscent of Micheal Jordan’s famous flu game in 1997. Like Serena, Jordan suffered from the flu in game five of the 1997 NBA finals. Jordan scored 38 points and more importantly carried his ream to victory. It was arguably Jordan’s greatest performance. But when it comes to Serena performance, I feel it will forever be under appreciated, maybe because its tennis or because she is a woman. And that’s sadly unfortunate.

I believe its time to put Serena Williams on the same pedstal we put most American male athletes. She deserves it, she earned it, and she is a once in a life time talent. It is her constant winning and her great consistency that is being over shadowed because of the sport she plays or because of her gender. But lets forget about speculation for a moment and talk about a undeniable  fact. If you had to assemble a mount Rushmore of sports , there is no way possible Serena Williams face is not beautifully sculpted.

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