Half Way Home to the Ring


By Yusuf Gadlin

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 96-91 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. LeBron James continues to destroy the crumbling Warriors one game at time. James finished with 40 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assist.s LeBron has the Cavaliers two games away from wining the NBA Championship, and I can’t lie, its just a matter of time before Cleveland fans run through the city crying tears of joy. The Cavaliers want it more than the Warriors and that’s the difference right now. I don’t care if the struggling MVP of the league Stephen Curry  shows up and drops 50 tomorrow, it won’t be enough to save the Warriors’ season. Anytime Cleveland’s new fan favorite Matthew Dellavedova  pours in 20 points against the league MVP, you might as well  kiss the season goodbye. It is embarrassing, demoralizing, and straight up shameful the way “Delly” is out competing everybody from the Golden State Warriors.

Once again Matthew Dellavedova is proving that his name holds weight. He continues to harass Stephen Curry, and quite frankly Curry should be ashamed of himself. Curry inexplicably was a now show for the first half of this game scoring only 3 points, then Curry decided to show up and drop 27 points in the second half, only to come up short in the end. I am starting to think that the warriors are checking out mentally. The Warriors supporting cast (Thompson, Green, Bogut, Barnes) simply cannot have guys that they are “better than”, outplay them on the grandest of stages on consistent basis. Its time for the Warriors to show some heart in game 4 because the Cavaliers will be coming to rip it out Thursday night.


Its very simple for Golden State: Lose Thursday, and you’re  season is feneto.

I need Stephen Curry to come out and light it up in game four. Play like the MVP, and not some young punk scared of the moment. Curry must set the tone right from the tip, as he goes so does the rest of these inexperienced Warriors. I need Klay Thompson to stop being inconsistent. To quote the great musician Justin Timberlake on one of his songs ” Holy Grail. ” One day you here, One day you there, You so unfair”. Thompson needs to be assertive and efficient or the Warriors dont have  chance in hell in game four. yes, it hurts the young and talented  small forward Harrison Barnes pulled a no call no show in game 3, luckily for the Warriors they have the veteran Andre Iguodala to take his minutes in game 4. I expect Iggy to have a strong game 4, this is his time to shine and I know he is ready for this moment. Finally to Warriors big man Draymond Green, it’s time to step up and help your team win. Its time to stop complaining to the refs and play Michigan Sate basketball. I think Draymond is a big game player and there is no bigger game than Game 4  of the NBA finals.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are halfway home to a NBA championship, And if the Warriors keep playing dysfunctional basketball; Warriors coach Steve Kerr will be in a half way House.


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