DWade Means Business

by Yusuf Gadlin


When the Miami Heat elite meet with their franchise player Dwyane Wade regarding a contract dispute, I hope the organization knows Mr. Wade means business.

Wade, 33, just completed a business course at Harvard university, think about that. Wade probably learned that the business world is cut throat. More than likely he learned that everything is about profit and net worth. And it’s probably there he learned he made a “bad” business decision, choosing to take two massive pay cuts for the Heat organization. In retrospect he was thinking as a basketball player, and not as the savvy businessman he is today. If the Miami Heat short changes their best player in franchise history then there is no better time for Dwayne Wade to display his new found  education on the business side of things, especially when his best chance is coming at the negotiating table. The future Hall of Famer has already taken two pay cuts to help the organization compete for championships. The organization has already promised Wade they will take care of him financially for his selfless deeds. The time has come for the Heat organization to show Dwade how much they appreciate him, however rumors are circulating that the Heat organization now have a change of heart.

Go figure, consider it a business move.

The Heat will use Wade’s advance age, injury history, and the unrealistic dream of landing prized 2016 free agent Kevin Durant as reasons they can’t pay him handsomely. I can’t blame the organization because everything is about business and the best interest of the Heat organization. Its there responsibility to sell the player on dreams of championships, legacy, and unfortunately empty promises. Dwayne Wade has already fallen and captured the championship dream three times. He also has fallen for the perception of his legacy viewed by fans if he were to leave the city he built as a traitor, jeopardizing everything he ever worked for. He cannot and will not fall for the empty promise, as this is the last step before the organization becomes cut throat.

DWade is poised to have a career year next season. If you check his Instagram, you will see the Superstar is dropping pounds and taking his conditioning very seriously. He knows he just shot the basketball at an impressive 47 percent clip for the entire season. He knows he showed the world that if healthy, he still can get the job done at the highest of levels. And more importantly he knows his self worth.

So the Heat has once chance and one offer to make to Dwayne Wade that he can’t refuse. Anything less is a slap in the face of everything he has ever done for the organization and its brand. Dwayne Wade knows this negotiation is about respect and self worth. He has a number in his head, and I hope the Heat meets his expectations for all his sacrifices. If not, Wade knows there is a team out there in California with a five time Champion and a organization that will gladly exceed that number of dollars in his head. He also knows his beautiful wife and actress Gabriel Union would fit right into the Hollywood movie scene. After all, happy wife happy life, right? In the end, If DWade leaves Miami it won’t be because he is selfish or doesn’t believe the organization is headed in the right direction, it will be strictly business from the newly acclaimed businessman.

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