Hey Melo… Jokes On You

by Yusuf Gadlin

Cold hard reality set in for New York Knicks Superstar Carmelo Anthony when it was announced his team had selected 19-year-old Krstaps Porzingis with the number four pick in the NBA draft. It was at that moment Melo realized he was now part of a rebuilding franchise instead one directed towards a championship in the next four year’s. The Knicks drafted a skinny, seven foot white guy that watches the “WorldStar” Hip Hop website as a way to gauge American culture or dare I say African American culture since the website typically displays Black people acting foolishly, and most of his teammates will be African American next year

Lord please don’t let this fool utter the N- word in the locker room.

Knicks president Phil Jackson says Porzingis has the best upside and could be the best player from this draft in a couple of years. But that’s the problem. Carmelo Anthony assumed the Knicks were in win now mode, its clear the Knicks just want Melo to headline Madison Square Garden as the Knicks lose night after night next season. The Knicks were supposed to grab a impact player, someone who could produce from the jump. They did alright, Someone the will contribute when Melo is about to come off the books.

There is no use in crying over spilled milk if you are Carmelo Anthony. You had your chance to join a contending team before you eventually chose to resign with the dysfunctional Knicks. Its over. You will never win a NBA Championship wearing a Knick uniform. Luckily for you, You still have your 125 million dollars to keep you warm at night.

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