I Can Get It On My Own


by Yusuf Gadlin

The super athletic center known as Deandre Jordan left the Los Angeles Clippers for the Dallas Mavericks this past week. Jordan accepted a 4yr/80 million dollar Max deal to become the Mavericks new star player. The cold hard reality for Clippers fans is that they no longer have a rim protector, a monster rebounder, and probably the best defensive center in the NBA.

I guess the rumors were true that Deandre was tired of being the third wheel to his former All-star teammates Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. And one could also assume that the deteriorated relationship between Jordan and Paul also was a major deciding factor. After all who wants to be yelled at by a star player that has never led his team past the second round of the playoffs. If the Clippers really wanted to keep Jordan, all they had to do was give the big man more touches on the block and see if he could produce.

They shun him instead.

Because of that, Deandre Jordan will now take his talents to Dallas and help cover defensively for a aging Dirk Nowitzki. Jordan will now have a chance to show the world that he is more than just dunks and chest pounding. Also Jordan can now work with Nowitzki shooting coach, the great Holger Geschwinder on perfecting his horrible free throw shooting. Everything is in place for Deandre Jordan to take his career to another level, all he has to do is work harder than ever before.

Deandre Jordan knows he crippled the Clippers organization. He knows they could never feel the  enormous hole he created by leaving them high and dry, but he could care less.

He’s a Dallas Maverick now.

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