The Spurs Way for Aldridge


by Yusuf Gadlin

Lamarcus Aldridge wanted to win.

It was that bottom line factor in the decision of the 29-year-old all-star power forward. The question was: Where should the franchise player go? Where could he get a taste of playoff basketball beyond the second round? Lamarcus Aldridge pondered these questions before ultimately choosing one of the winningest franchises ever.

He chose the San Antonio Spurs.

Lamarcus never wanted the glitz and glamor that came along with the Los Angeles Lakers. He didn’t want the ever lasting perks that would come his way if he chose to be a Dallas Maverick via Mark Cuban. What Lamarcus wanted was a real shot at a championship ring.  He wanted structure, he wanted the best coach in basketball, and more importantly, he wanted a franchise that was committed to winning every single year. Lamarcus chose to learn from the other five-time champion in Tim Duncan, Instead of learning how to summon his killer instinct from the worldly recognized  five-time champion in Kobe Bryant. Lamarcus Aldridge opted to learn how to rely on teammates, how to trust a calculated system, and how to play the game at a elite level even when your athleticism starts to fades in your golden years.

If the elder statesmen of the San Antonio Spurs can stay healthy next year, this supremely talented cast can win it all. The Spurs now have two prime max contract players in  Kawhi Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge, the cornerstones for the future. You take those two and combine them with future hall of famers Tim Duncan and when healthy the best point guard in basketball Tony Parker and you have NBA Finals written all over your team. Lamarcus chose the best situation possible for his career.

He chose the Spurs way.

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